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  1. Always up for some games! Think it will be a good thing to play a few games together so i can get you to do a little try out aswell for joining the comp team :). Your stats are looking great! EpicGames name is DI-ARD3E!
  2. The burst rifle is too much RNG for me. Prefer the normal AR/Scar way better!
  3. Pump headshot from close range is 210~220 dmg so instant death!
  4. Loved it! Even though the challenges were kind off repetitive at some point but i loved having the idea i get rewarded for playing the game.
  5. Atm i have 81 wins with 18 wins in the last 7 days (31% winrate).
  6. Double pump it is! RPG / Pump works aswell for me lately. Just shoot a rocket and instantly switch to the pump.
  7. Especially with the new shooting mechanics. It can be combined in duos / squads where 1 or 2 are spraying bases when there are 1 or 2 going for the offense. It's harder to use in solo's imo.
  8. It actually feels that my shots are hitting now! Just love it! Hopefully EG will implement it :).
  9. Played some games with @Vissyy today and we got this simultaneous shotgun kill where i jump from a platform: (Little earrape so be aware!)
  10. I agree with @Datsuzoku but if 20 bucks would solve a shitload of bugs because of money issues (wich i highly doubt) i would definatly support them.
  11. One of my first matches was already a win. When the game just came out people were so bad at this game haha. Now it got hyped up people are much better!
  12. You knew at that moment you needed white draco's for your dreamcar xD