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  1. i'm confused about the way that worked out but nice goal
  2. I'm gonna leave a link to a online whiteboard that I'm gonna start using on the next team trainings. It allows to explain stuff like rotations or passing play easily since everyone can see exactlywhat you're talking about. The second link is the DFH Stadium map seen from the top which you can add on the whiteboard using the upload image feature https://awwapp.com http://i.imgur.com/SHMcsRH.png
  3. There are no BEST controller settings per say, it just depends on the person playing. I ended changing a lot of the bindings to find my prefferred controller scheme. I changed boost to RB, drift(dont remember the proper name) and air roll to LB, ball cam on X and Air roll left and right to Y and B respectively.
  4. Your most played game?

    Dota 2 with 800+ hours, I used to play it a lot sometime ago but RL should pass it during the next couple of months.
  5. I wanna see this happen in the near fututre, not only in the OWL but also on other big esports competitions like RLCS (the final stages, since anyone can enter the competition).
  6. I have 2 resolutions for this season, the first one is to play more 1v1 and not being so annoyed when I lose them and second one is to get at least diamond 2 before it ends.
  7. Favorite Quotes

    "To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace." -George Washington This quote has to be one of my favourite
  8. Top 3 favorite Anime?

    1- Angel Beats, so far it was the only anime that actually made me cry and tbh I might be a bit biased since it was one of the first animes I watched for 2nd and 3rd place I'll choose Shokugeki no Souma (I heavily recomend you guys and gals to give this one a try ) and AoT but there's at least 3 or 4 other ones that I could also choose to occupy these 2 places but Shokugeki and AoT are just a bit closer to my heart.
  9. What anime made you cry hard.

    So far I only cried after watching Angel Beats, okey it wasnt only criyng, it was crying myself to sleep, but I havent watched Clannad or Your Lie in April yet both of which I hear are pretty heavy in the feels department
  10. what anime are you watching right now?

    started watching INuyashiki, so far its been nice, but it feels like something's missing. Probably gonna watch Black Clover after it finishes airing (i don't like waiting a week to get another episode)
  11. From what I've watched so far the videos are pretty good, thanks for sharing these videos
  12. What TV shows are y'all watching?

    Not watching anything at the moment but my facourite shows are HIMYM, CSI Miami and Las Vegas and also both NCIS series (the one with Gibbs is the best one though, I forgot the name of it)
  13. I got around 400 games, still more than I was expecting since I dint play much during this season
  14. What do you think about this kind'a music?

    It's not really my type of music since im used to listening to a lot of heavy metal, rock and the ocasional pop song, but I gotta say that if that is kind of music that you like and that you want to try making im complatly fiine with it I say that you should go ahead and try.
  15. you know what I meant when I said that :D