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  1. Yea, that's pretty ridiculous. Also, I hate that game mode.
  2. Gengu. I have always loved martial arts. Being able to double jump IRL would be pretty cool too.
  3. Just know that Ana is a difficult choice in the current meta and in the foreseeable future. The amount of shields and ability canceling, like diva's matrix, in this game can make your games very hard. Know when to swap off for a hero like zen or Moira, I'm assuming you are doing Ana cause you don't want to play Mercy. If you notice the enemy tank game is shutting you out of the fights, you can have these options to fall back on. Otherwise, her nano-boost is great to combo with others. Make sure to keep track of who has good ults to combo on your team, like genji/soldier/hog... Also make sure to tell them you're going to ult them before you do, this way they know the game plan.
  4. I just recently tried this, the problem is that I had no way to turn my music down and so I couldn't hear things like footsteps too well.
  5. You should get back into tracer some more. She's a lot of fun and I'm sure your friends wouldn't mind flexing a bit so you could have fun!
  6. 1600 dpi with 3.5 in game sens. I play all kinds of heroes so I needed something that would work well for each one.
  7. I remember when I couldn't figure out why health packs would randomly give you full health sometimes and other times they would only give you a bit... I felt stupid after I realized the truth! big health packs heal 250 I think
  8. I am low diamond atm, career high at 3300. I plummeted from 3300 to plat and climbed back up to 3180. I believe I am very near to my true rank but would like to believe I can make it to masters in this season, especially now that I have found a team to comp with.
  9. you can normally get decent metals in damage too. There may be an argument that this is just trash damage but it feels like she just has too much in her kit. She can't be killed by flankers if she's good.
  10. I hope it's a tank and nothing super annoying. I feel like we don't need any more shields atm so it should offer some sort of utility instead. Either that or we could get some sort of new builder, which I am not looking forward to. The builders class is typically a troll-like pick and super annoying to play against/with.
  11. My first love will always be Genji but I have started having a lot of fun with Widow.
  12. My favorite meta so far has been Dive. I have always loved certain dive heroes like Genji and Phara along with the aggressive play style they bring along, so this is why I fit right in. How bout you guys?
  13. I think Moira needs a bit of a change to her damage or survivability. She can easily take out a Phara from way up in the air if the Phara isn't healed for a few seconds. She also has a get out of jail free card on a six second cool down. She can often get gold elims and healing if you are good at her. I believe a simple change to her would be to reduce the range of her primary and adjust the cooldown of her movement ability. The reduction in range could be coupled with an increase in the rate at which she can charge her healing to make sure this adjustment does not destroy her healing output either.
  14. I know Tracer is so good right now and I doubt she will ever leave any meta. I kind of would like to learn her, I just never pick her up since I already am pretty good with two other flankers, Phara and Genji (yes, Phara is a flanker).