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  1. Rammus TOP Master YI JGL Zed MID Thresh BOT MF ADC
  2. I like playing Thresh in the botlane. But i'm more a jgl and top player. Only play when on my team someone got fucked ... and went sup when they don't have any experions in it. The only problem that i'm having whit Thresh is that in some game's i'm a thresh god and i almost land all my hoocks... and sometime's i'm a Thresh noob ^^ Do you have any pointers for me that could help me more to hit the target. I also like the combo when i hook walk back trow my latern and then fly to the enemey champ + trow the box and then nuke him/her down whit the adc :)
  3. The focused mind can pierce through stone => Master YI
  4. i'm have been trying out now champs and yesterday when i played the event i have found a new love ( fiddlesticks the ugly MTF) I'm also playing again whit thresh sup and zed/ lux mid and it go's well from time to time.
  5. Ok did not know this. And it explance a lot what happen the last time i played this and it happend.
  6. Found a new love in the Top Lane, Rammus really sick ... "how to counter every melee champ"
  7. When i play shyvan jgl i always go for pre 6 counter gank ( lot of ward help whit this) whit XIN i take red buf and lvl 2 gank works always ^^
  8. I like playing jgl and top. But i'm now testing out Sup whit tresh and lux and works pretty good :)
  9. what i find out that helps is looking at my game and see what i'm doing wrong and learn form this
  10. http://www.lolking.net/builds/sona-build/424798/7.22-Sona-Support- read this ;)
  11. I play jgl whit evelynn/xin/shyvana what i found out to play evelynn is that you need to play the combo's the rigth way also it helps if there are some ppl whit nockes ups . (the guild that i use) http://www.lolking.net/builds/evelynn-build/426702/Evelynn--The-Burlesque-Assassin--Jungle-Guide---Diamond-Season-8---