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  1. it was actualy sort off decent i think ;D no srsly dope double touch
  2. wow yeah rip EU for me it is 12pm than XD+update time so 8 february what a lie ;D
  3. AMD or NVIDIA?

    first of all i am dislectic (idk how to say in english basicly i cant spell) and i just give my opinion about NVIDIA i have never used ADM so i dont say anything about that =]
  4. AMD or NVIDIA?

    I use NVIDEA and i like it it is ez and just quality
  5. Tyvm man this is srsly usefull. Thanks =]
  6. FACEIT 3v3 Tournament Finals

    Is it posible to watch the match back? because i can only see how to share it not how to watch it.
  7. Hey y'all!

    dutch is taking over the clan? XD
  8. Ayyy

    hehe well you did not played long in this clan or do you still have to start? (welcome if it is the seccond one ;D)
  9. Greeting

    wow couldnt you better tell which games you not play ;D
  10. XD ROFL thats so awsome! BTW ns arial fake in the beginning :D
  11. I mostlikely make a own trainings map that is for the thing i want to improve
  12. It looks very dope on the screenshots but I properly do something wrong because it doesnt work for me=[ i will retry it when i have more time but thanks for making it =]
  13. Tysm man This guide is so usefull Ty Ty ty
  14. Hi guys, I'm back

    Hi there, I am new (which you can properly see) but I want to know how it is posible to get blacklisted. Inactivity or toxic or something totaly else? (idk if you are toxic it is just an example=]