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  1. Pharah is Hard counter to junkrat
  2. And make a second spoiler: like +player -Player first new one, second one left player and a o for player not changed
  3. There is no elo hell, rainestormee, when are u normally online? As I’m getting my brother and a friend up, you could participate too
  4. thats actually pretty true. but u also get some trolls there.
  5. dont agree, if you watch the higher ranks he is dominating with his ult.
  6. pc randomly restarting

    i would like too see the logs for that reason :D
  7. pc randomly restarting

    Have you got the logs?
  8. actually you cant really, f theres a pharah, you should siwtch if she is doing too much to you.
  9. not really, it is one of the strongest combos. doing so much dmg wiht dmg boost (150 direct hit) i prefer both, depending on situation.
  10. thats what i just said ;) learining the prediction is btw crucial. try to play against other pharas.
  11. Yep, He is pretty op in some situations. if you die too easily as genji, then its your fault. Genji has the stronges ult in the game, it was op before, now its ok. But it can define a win or a loss, depending on usage. You should always kill the healers first, and jump in air with dash befor ulting, as ult gives u dash back.
  12. True, i Play Pharah pretty low sometimes, means not so on the high ground. If you have a Mcree or a Soldier as enemie, you should hover around obstacles. Can you acutally hover always in the air?
  13. Fellow Crypto Miners?

    I don’t like mining, cause it’s driving the gpu prices insane and we should use the power for something we need more.
  14. New PC Has Been Priced Out

    I think u can wait a year for that😇