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    Nice wholesome christian* server
  2. How to make a signature?

    I don't really wanna bring up a necro but has this changed since last year? I can't seem to find where to change my signature anywhere in my account settings, is it simply because i'm an initiate?
  3. Awesome I have my requirements! Now just gotta make sure I don't piss off anyone too important ;D
  4. Favorite Quotes

    "We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface, but connected in the deep" - William James
  5. Eddie Gordo was always my favourite Tekken character, closely followed by Law, Jack and Jin. It took me a while to beat Sly Cooper and I have to admit the swamp was the hardest for me too, but the sequels expanded upon everything and made it all feel so much bigger and refined. Well I haven't played the pre-3D Fallouts as they were before my time in terms of gaming-age, but Fallout 3 really opened my eyes to the whole open world-do what you want type of games. I would say that nuking Megaton was what really made me think about the impact even one person can have, I mean obviously with it being a game and you the protagonist the world doesn't really advance without your input but still. Knowing all of the things I had to go through just to watch that scrap heap cult of a town go up in nuclear fire, there were right and wrong implications and consequences of that series of events and it taught me that no matter what we may do, there will be always be a grey area somewhere. That morality, and as a whole just general ethics, are never black and white. Ah I wouldn't be so quick to assume my skill at anything! I'm pretty decent at RL but don't go putting me up against people I might not be able to handle XD I watched it quite a while back so don't remember it too well, but I know I enjoyed every minute of it. Oh definitely; it's also one of the games that requires such a solid training base, as most of the techniques and strategy there-in require pure muscle memory and innate understanding in order to apply them competitively. I'm sad that the boat is being rocked a little, but glad that it's still afloat and caught some wind in its sails. I hope you venture to calmer waters and sunnier skies...If you ever need to talk to someone or anything i'm here :) I do occasionally go to some RL events, like funny friday and in-house shenanigans, just let me know if you want me to attend any in particular! And of course I will always try to be there for stick fight :D
  6. I'm surprised yet honoured to be chosen as your mentee and I adore the effort you go to for your initiates :D 1. Are there any games you want me to add or remove to the list that I included in your unicorn profiles? I do not play either PUBG or Hearthstone so I would like those removed and Rocket League + Rainbow Six: Siege added s'il vous plaît :) 2. How long have you been playing video games and which games have most impacted you? As long as I can remember. I started on a SEGA megadrive with my older brother and sisters, chasing rings with Sonic, culling monsters with Golden Axe and having nightmares being chased by an Alien :P A few years later I graduated to a PS1 where I first played Abe's Odyssey and discovered that things can get pretty damn weird in video games (not to mention difficult) I then discovered the wonders of Tomb Raider with my dad where I developed my love for action/adventure games. (as well as shooty guns) From this point on there are fewer bright sparks, things such as Tekken and Soul Caliber were very prominent, as well as anything to do with war or strategy. Rome: Total War was probably one of the most impactful games for me, as I was only able to play it every now and then when I went to visit my mum's boyfriend's (at the time) house and use his computer, but even though I really only played it for maybe 50 hours total, it felt like lifetimes would pass as I was so enthralled by the gameplay. My favourite game of all time and something that I sincerely believe will never be de-throned, is Sly Cooper and the Thievious Racoonus. I fell in love with the story, the characters, the art style just everything and I could not get enough. It helped me cope with a lot of the things I went through as a pre-teen/young teen and it truly made me happy. The Fallout series have also been extremely impactful to my gaming career, as not only did they introduce me to the brilliance that is 40s and 50s music, they also taught me a few things about morality and how my actions can have serious lasting affects on the world around me. And of course last but not least, Rocket League! I played the original prequel to RL; Super-Sonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars (SSARPBC) on the PS3 and I loved it. I had always liked football as a sport but when that was combined with flying cars it became something so much more, and when Rocket League came out I was ecstatic to see how much had improved and changed, as well as the fact I was a veteran to the series and some prior experience going into it. 3. Are there certain genres or types of games that you are attracted to, and what are they? I would have to say Sandbox/Simulation are my favourite kinds of games, as they allow so much creativity and freedom in how they are played. But I must give honourable mentions to: Sports; Racing; Fighters; FPS/TPS; Mil-Sim; Stealth and Adventure. (So basically almost everything) 4. Have you ever improved on a weakness you had in a competitive video game, and how did you do it? Ohhh many many times, but the most important one to me would be Rocket League. In fact there are two, the first was my belief that I was turning/rotating too slowly whilst in the air. I had watched many gameplay videos of casuals and pro's alike and I had come to the conclusion that they were in on a secret I was not. It turns out that the deadzone on a controller can be changed in order to make the car reach its maximum turn velocity quicker, essentially making you rotate faster in-game; once I discovered this the difference was like night and day. The second change was that of my camera settings, which looking back on them now were absolutely abysmal and would never allow me to compete at the level I do now. 5. What is the best movie with horses? Surprisingly I am not as well versed in horse films as some others may be (lookin' at you nichilus ;) but I did not want to cheat and search for one at random so I choose War Horse (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1568911/) I absolutely loved this film. I admit the WWI setting is what drew me in initially but once I understood what it was truly about I became heart-stricken at the thought of being separated in such a way from someone you love. 6. Do you have anything going on in life? Anything eating you up? i.e, how are you (for real)? This is a very intriguing question and it shows a care and kindness that is rare to see, so even though I am perfectly okay in my life, I appreciate and thank you for asking :) How are you?
  7. Azoru (the first car seen) challenged the ball and pushed it up the wall, I (second car) broke rotation to pass it back into midfield but instead hit it straight back into Azoru on his rotation, which luckily bounced straight over the goalie who didn't anticipate it and then Stuiter (goal scorer) flew in for the finish.
  8. There is opportunity to be educational in every situation :D
  9. Planned to perfection, Azoru definitely meant to touch it ;)
  10. NOTE: Decided to use this thread as a hub for passing plays (for me at least) let me know if anyone wants to add their own here for others to see :) Thank you to @Azoru and @StuiterbalNL for such an awesome play :D https://i.gyazo.com/7b1a0c4beada4f748dcd451e36ff3dcd.mp4 Managed this beauty in solo queue:- https://i.gyazo.com/b049211a48494b1403544ea2eafbbaef.mp4
  11. Good idea! Steam URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/-DI-Crymzon/ Name: -DI- Crymzon
  12. Glad to see someone of a similar playstyle in my house!
  13. Then you're already well beyond hope Dizz ;) But seriously, keyboard is either 0 or 100 when it comes to input so you should be spinning as quickly as you can anyway.
  14. Ever felt like you were super slow in the air? That your spin rate was really sluggish? Well look no further ladies and gentlemen! I discovered this sometime last year, around 5-6 months ago and it changed my game immensely. It will be a little strange at first as you get used to it, but trust me, it will improve your aerial game exponentially.