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  1. Best headphones.

    Hyper X CloudX I've had it for a year now I like it.
  2. What anime made you cry hard.

    ano natsu de matteru
  3. Fairy Peak! cuz I wish I was as good as him in 1s
  4. Heatwave for me but I like bubbly too.
  5. Yes it's Maestro, Skii and Snaski now Ferra is on PSG and they got picked up by Fnatic they're inconsistent though. at least imo.
  6. I really wish they bring back Midseason Mayhem for next season it was so much fun to watch.
  7. we still don't know what the rosters look like with all of the shuffling happening, even Yukeo is not confirmed to be in F3 just yet. lets wait until after dreamhack.
  8. I used to like solo queuing but I don't anymore tbh. its so risky and nerve wracking
  9. my sleeping schedule gets messed up when I'm on a vacation and its usually fixed when I get back to work and I'm forced to wake up early.
  10. I really feel you man, I was talking about this yesterday to the people of reddit. I felt as if I'm playing the game more only to get worse and I was getting frustrated :/ everyone suggested taking a break so I did, for one day. and just this one day made a difference so yeah as someone said to me " there are plateaus you hit when you repeat an activity with the intent to improve"