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  1. well i think it would happens on other side more frequently cuz u have 1 less random player on yours, so statistically ragequitters should be fine xD
  2. is it happens so often to be real reason to main 3s?
  3. maybe u already tried it but i simply recommend u to trying to reach every single ball until u get enough experience. Then ur brain would immediately decide can u reach this specific ball or not most of the times. Just dont do it in ranked matches xD
  4. Name and Steam Link: Anton, steamcommunity.com/id/crossekta Current highest rank in Rocket League: dia 2 div 1 What do I want to improve at the most: i dont really know, my worst skill set is probably aerial accuracy(i cant do reverse aerials properly, so my shooting angles are limited) and dribbles\flicks. but anyway i'll appreciate any information about what and how i can impove in this game. Do you have a preferred member to coach you: nope
  5. im glad too see bunch of defensive players even within our division :)
  6. so thats like this: i was last one somewhere around middle of the field, my mates are totally out of play rn, but i hope they will rush our net asap. opps have ball control still in their side. probably it would be 2v1 or 3v1 on our side. if so on my rating i'll probably pressure ballhandler by shadowing( most of lower diamonds cant hit ball so hard in motion). next step is based on relative positions of my opponents: 1) i continue shadowing if ballhandler is closest opponent to our net( so its pretty hard to pass-redirect into goal around me) 2) otherwise i will try to hit ball hard to buy some time to my teammates to get back in motion thats all about my feelings and past experience ofc, but i think overall decision algorithm is something like this one.
  7. explain situation a bit more please ;) whos "him" and whats gamemode(2s, 3s or maybe even solos D: ( then i dont know what do u mean under double commit) ) :)
  8. somebody should do this anyway xD but someone should be in position when u lose fifty-fifty or just make a mistake :)
  9. ye, after i made a good pass i feel so good too xD i wish i'll never experience that heartrate xD ROFL
  10. lets see what @Edge300 gonna say about ur style then xD i heard u guys reach ur december goals(c1 and c2) without communication and even werent bumping so thats kinda cool xD but maybe its essential for people who played a year together i dont really know
  11. Personally i rely on my defense, mostly focused on positioning and rotation. Cuz average player at my rank still doing a lot of mistakes at offense most of my goals are open nets. Cuz of that i dont have set of offensive moves i can do consistently such as flicks, dribble, etc. Maybe that happens because i played a lot with a dude who was pretty good on other side of field, but his defense was pretty bad. Anyway i wanna know a little bit about ur playstyle guys :) PS, ye, i know good player should be able to execute both, but i wanna talk a bit about native playstyle, or whats u enjoy most in this game sick saves, passes or beautiful goals xD
  12. is necroposting a fine stuff here? xD for me good teammate is anyone who able to score out of my bad passes xD
  13. personally kbm, can someone explain about "higher skillcap" of controller? my friend is a champ using kbm, im around dia2 i know about higher precision cuz of analog input of sticks and about 16 directions instead of 8 at kbm but still cant understand.
  14. check out Tesoro Kuven 7.1, i use them already couple of months(got recommendation from my friend who use them around year) here(russia) their price is around 45 euros