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    As of now, Improving in Pubg and league, being outstanding in rust and learning how to create content for YouTube. All to be learnt and adapted
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  1. Power Creep is the eventual increase in value of cards over expansions. In my opinion this recent expansion pushed the bar hugely, i remember when piloted shredder was considered hugely overpowered and ridiculous but now it looks balanced compared to some of the cards coming our these days. It makes alot of the standard cards irrelevant. I mean, what on earth is the point of magma rager when ice rager is there? What do you guys think?
  2. I've golden mage and warrior, close with hunter, warlock and paladin too. Too bad they're mostly wasted now.
  3. I'm a RH main and I feel I play a different hog to others to a degree, but i feel it works very well. I play a very fluid, very involved RH that lays on the outskirts of most control maps and in the centre of payload maps. Most games I have a k/d of 20+ with as low as 3 deaths. I feel i do this by hanging in areas where I can swiftly strike, use my high hp and E to tank defense and pick off a single target. One thing is you should never be scared of a 1v1. Roadhog is the 1v1 king so try create situations with your hook where you 1v1, then with the elim if your team pushes, use the chaos to get the extra elims and 2nd hook but if not, use your E to escape. Another thing to be wary of is just because you're tanky, does not mean you can ignore your positioning, stick to vantage points, corners and places you can escape.
  4. It sucks to get any invalid shots but I'd rather they focused on getting rid of the awful fps spikes that you sometimes get during pvp, they can be ALOT more deadly than the invalids lol
  5. One word. Brockhampton. Go look then up and thank me later, I'd recommend Sweet, Gold, Boogie & Cash. If you already know Brock, hit me up, you already got my respect lol.
  6. Salutations DI

    Hello everyone, My name is Jake but I go by Bobba, I'm a 17 year old Irish student currently in 5th year with a love for competitive FPS games. I'm here to bolster the Rust army but I have a huge interest in Pubg, League and perhaps my return to cs:go? (My 1,000 hours there shouldn't be fully wasted I hope) I also have an interest in content creation, my only past work is a shaky but decent start at a cs:go video (which I hope none of you can find) but I hope to record well edited Rust videos similar to Frost or Ramsey, I hope with abit of help from this seemingly never-ending community I can help you and your can help me! My goals here are to improve on my own skills while adding to the community and being apart of something more than just myself. Ill be surprised if you've continued reading until now, sorry for rambling, I hope to meet with you all and create something meaningful into the future. Thank you for reading! If you'd like to add me and have a chat, my name is -DI- Bobba and Bobba on Teamspeak, I'll be around.