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  1. Only time i ever use the vss is if i have an extended mag, am strapped for long range sights and playing solo
  2. Need Anime

    make a myanimelist account with all the anime you've watched so you people have an idea of what to recommend like mine is https://myanimelist.net/animelist/Jator
  3. no but i wish i had the black one
  4. my average with a top ten is 5-7 on a solo and 6-9 on a duo
  5. i have a computer that can run the game on ultra fine but i play with everything on very low except view distance is low, effects is high, and one other is on high but i cant remember if you look at shrouds settings thats what i play on
  6. i prefer the m416 if i can fully kit it otherwise scar both with vert grip
  7. a little complex west of pochiniki and on the other map pecado
  8. The worst anime you've ever seen

  9. what anime are you watching right now?

    i normally use kissanime.ru
  10. i listen to a variety of thing but generally like to have just game sound when playing certain games
  11. Honestly.. I love Boruto!

    where did you hear that cause no one knows how many eps its gonna have and its going to be more then 50 were already at episode 41