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    I definitly dont have a personal website. Do people have this?????

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  1. Yes, when it first game out and about half of the 100 people went to tilted towers every game. Literally that city is like a war zone, its so much fun.
  2. Hello I just got Civ VI about a week ago and so far i've played about two full games one on the easiest mode and one on the normal mode. I understand most of the game mechanics (except for religion, which I just ignore) , but I have a lot of trouble knowing what to do in certain situations late or in the middle of the game. Like when should I stop making new cities, when should I build a military, and is it worth to build this building? I am also having a lot of trouble making cities that have all the food, housing, and amenities that it needs. Late game I feel I have all this stuff researched but none of it is being used. So I was wondering if anyone has any tips or videos I should watch to help me out. I am new to the civ series and games of this type so there may be some underlying thing I am missing.
  3. my money and hopes are on cloud 9 but I haven't been keeping up very well.
  4. Where are you from?

    yes I thought DI was mainly Europeans
  5. I would recommend getting a controller it makes it a lot easier.
  6. Science!

    if you haven't seen them check out gcp grey's videos. They are the best.
  7. What was your favourite childhood tv show?

    Did any of yall watch crypto the super dog?? That show was my favorite.
  8. Favorite Animals

    My favorite animal is the echidna because its one of the few mammals to lay eggs. And it is by far the coolest of all the mammals to lay eggs.
  9. Waffles or Pancakes?

    I am glad waffles are winning. But I think blueberry pancakes are better than most waffles. But sometimes you get those perfect waffles that are just the best thing ever.
  10. Is water wet?

    How can a liquid be wet though? its not covered in water because it is water. Like if you were to mix to liquids they wouldn't be getting each other wet.
  11. Is water wet?

    Just wondering what you guys think. I think water is not wet because no liquid can be wet.
  12. I think music can help me focus or be distracting. You just have to know how it works for you. If I'm listening to slow or chill music I think it help me focus more, but sometimes really fast songs with bass drops get me hyped and it makes me play better. I think it just depends on how your brain works.
  13. I cant belive that many people use keybord and mouse. It seems so unnatural to me.
  14. Hobbies everyone into?

    I do yoyo tricks in my free time. Not like walk the dog and stuff its little more advanced than that but I'm nowhere near some of the pros.
  15. Where are you from?

    surprisingly few people are from Asia. I am from the USA Georgia to be more exact.