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  1. Wow it's Taylor Swift

    can you sing for me

    1. Tayl0rSwift


      Negative. Come see me in concert, right now I'm off duty. 

  2. Hi, I'm Lexi!

    Greetings Lex, Welcome to DI. Enjoy the stay.
  3. Come cheer on Swifties as the battle Team Aris!
  4. As an aspiring tracer main on team A right now. It's good to know that practice will pay off eventually.
  5. Holy wall of text Batman. But I do have to agree with this, with the events going on right now is a great time to return and while comp may still be a bit toxic the meta has improved so much
  6. DI-XX -DI- Swifties Vs UTA Jaeger

    Come Cheer on Division XX Team A!
  7. I've been a long time fan of twitch.tv/ster He's what inspired me to main pharah and ana and I watched him wayyy back in the days off tf2. His sense of humor is a little off putting but overall an enjoyable stream to watch. Always makes me chuckle.
  8. Did we just become mortal enemies?
  9. 25/2 on Pharah. No pocket mercy just a really good Zarya. I loved every second of it.
  10. Uprising all the way. Love me an underdog story.
  11. This is upsettingly true. 76 is the generalist to end all generalists.
  12. This is the best advice. Making yourself play a role can really make you game.
  13. Her gold elims usually just stem from doing chip damage to every hero with her orb, and spamming that orb into big groups. Same with gold healing, almost all damage she does is counted as healing anyway, so no matter what your getting a bonus to numbers in both stats.
  14. Last concert you went to?

    I went to Young the Giants+Cold War kids + Joywave Concert in DC. Was amazing, YtG is one of my all time favorite bands.