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  1. Favorite Car and why?

    Subaru WRX STi <3
  2. Those are 2 damn expensive beers if you tell me :D
  3. Winning 3-0 while dominating the entire match untill like 0:30 and then they scored by 3 accidental bounces off other guys cars and scored the 3-1 and then 2 kickoff goals which nobody could have saved resulting in overtime and then my mate his controller disconnected. FML
  4. When people get too much free time this stuff happens xD
  5. Dat moment i played my placement matches solo queue and won only 2 -.- Only champs as opponents so dropped to diamond 1 div 1. Thanksfully after an half hour of playing i got back up to d2, close to d3 where i was:/ 3v3 is still a pain in the ass soloqueue
  6. What do you do without internet?

    Offline games FTW
  7. Favourite Strategy Game

    Gotta be Age of Empires 2
  8. do you have any pets?

    I have 2 dogs!
  9. [NL] Carnaval?

    Wie viert er hier ook Carnaval en waar?! Who celebrates Carnaval and where!?
  10. @Crymzon @Azoru need to play more together!
  11. Hey guys i want Party Time but i cant find anyone who wants to trade it with me, anyone here who does? I have keys to pay for it