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  1. What do you think about this kind'a music?

    its alright.
  2. Weekly Anime! >Events, Voting, Questions!<

    why didn't i see this post earlier! God dammit, is there gonna be more?
  3. do you have any pets?

    To be honest i don't even know, how many i really have! I know i have a dog, and that's it. But then it comes to the cats, we just let them be free and go wherever they want, we just put some food outside of the door for them. But then other cats show up, and since there is food, they just stick around. So i don't really know how many i have. Oh and if anyone says that they are not pets, well i can just go up to them pick them up and pet then with no problem. Even though i've never seen that one before. I think that they must have told each other that it's fine with us.
  4. I got diamond somehow!!! That was nice to get! Maybe champ next year! I don't ask for much.
  5. Burn them all at the stake!!! Nah just kidding. But seriously don't do that to yourself!
  6. Definitely me!!! No one's gonna take that away from me.
  7. Its the dark force i tell you!!!
  8. Hello!

    Thanks to everyone. Happy new year to everyone. Hope all off you have a great 2018!
  9. So forgettable that i dont even remember it right now! Sorry!
  10. I think JKnaps, hes been very good , ATM.
  11. Im using Rizzos camera settings, for 5 or 6 months now, and im loving them.