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  1. calculated all the way friend haha
  2. i mean if players want to get better and play against harder people isnt it a good experiance to see how you would play against a gc for example. on top of that 1 game isnt exactly the end of the world is it. If you lose you lose you should just be able to get your rank back if you deserve to be there.
  3. Name and Steam Link: May steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198363871503/ Current highest rank in Rocket League:Grand Champion What do I want to improve at the most:2s Getting to top 100 Do you have a preferred member to coach you:No preferably someone who knows what they are talking about lol
  4. It’s a good place to find a coach I’m gc in there if u see my name online I could coach I’m may in the grand champ rank
  5. Well there is a coaching discord with many gcs like me that coach people for free Search Rocket League Coaching Discord and youll find it