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  1. Outside burns

    When you go outside and it all burns and you flee inside to where it's safe. Anyone else done this?
  2. Life or game?

    Is it life that is the true video game or is it the video game that is life or both?
  3. Tacos or not to Taco?

    Not going to lie. That's pretty awesome. And may the taco be with you.
  4. Hey sorry I haven't been active dealing with life and such sorry.
  5. Well I ran at a enemys base and set off all there mines as it blew them up and let my team members get into there house.
  6. To Taco or not to taco? To Burrito or to not burrito? What do you choose?
  7. So which do you guys/gals prefer a rock or tool on collecting resources?
  8. I can give you a mount beetle or Ostard (Dino mixed with something else)
  9. Sorry Telfer. I would have told you earlier. But I did not there was a post nore you where online.
  10. I believe Havoc may have handles it.
  11. For me it was fun following doom around and helping him get all those nakeds. I have no clue how to word this lol.
  12. So I've just realized you can do some major role playing in Ultima
  13. Who's Godfather?

    Well that's very interesting lol. Thank you