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  1. idk, probably fossil fighters for the ds. maybe destiny 1, but thats a big MAYBE
  2. How tall are you?

  3. Your favourite meme?

    an0nymoose, his sfm videos are a meme within a me
  4. First PC Game?

  5. Life or game?

    game is life
  6. whats your shoe size?

    Im a size 13, and im 15 :P
  7. What do you do without internet?

    i would probably have to end it all
  8. i mean, every hero should be getting value from pressing q anyways, and ana DID get love, in season 2 & 3, but everyone said she was too op and her ultimate needed nerfed (like were doing with mercy rn) and now shes horrible
  9. the nerf isnt good, its gonna be ana all over again and mercy will be unplayable
  10. she has the lowest health in the game, but not the highest dps or even the best ultimate. i think sombra is a better alternitive as she does do less damage, but her hack is extremely useful, she has more control over positioning than tracer, and her ultimate is LEGIONS better than tracers
  11. didnt use to be imo when roadhog wasnt reworked. now idk.
  12. EVERY CHARACTER. my skill is nowhere near where i want it to be even on console, and here on pc its tough because im getting used to keyboard and mouse
  13. my four stats i care about are damage dealt, healing done, damage blocked, and deaths (avg for all 4). depending on the class, i judge peoples skill based on those stats generally, and work from there if i see somethhing different