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  1. I agree I used to think Incineroar was the best but I had never actually seen Decidueye's shiny which I think is definitely better now!
  2. I really like Magby for some reason... I don't even like its evolutions. Probably just cause it's a fire type that's cute, since, to be honest, even tho I love fire types, not too many of them can be cute. Probably why I like him then!
  3. Pokémon art ahoy

    Super cute! If all Mimikyu looked like your drawings I think they'd be more popular than Pikachu!
  4. Waffles or Pancakes?

    Waffles are better no contest. Don't @ me.
  5. Thinking this would be a fun team event! Thinking that teams would be better on X and Y due to easier and more reliable (imo) shiny hunting options. Will still be interesting either way tho!
  6. Fav Nintendo Console

    Quick Off-Topic but just hearing "Wii Sports" made the theme just play in my head like twice! Anyway, I really am partial to the DS before the 3DS because it was pretty much the only thing I had on me at all time. I would bring it places and bring it but forget the charger haha. And I have games on there that Ive beaten and played over and over again games like Pokemon Platinum and Heartgold and Bowser's Inside Story. (I even have owned 4 copies of Platinum) It also made me convince my mom to get Wi-Fi in the house so I can go on the shop and I still have at least 20 random games I bought off there on my 3DS now and at least 50 DS games, so it's very ingrained in me as my favorite console!
  7. Ooh! Thanks for this website! Currently trying to make a SHINY Living Dex which is and has been taking a while but while its certainly done, it's not nothing so I need something to keep track!
  8. Pretty Cool my dude! Tattoos with meanings are really cool imo. Terrified of needles so I'll never get one myself, but I'm glad that others can have something like that!