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  1. Ask your Valentine <3

    @Raptor For inviting me to this beautiful community and, after I left the first time, convince me to come back. @rewerb Even if I barely know him because the first time he heard my voice he said "That's an ASMR voice", I take that as a compliment *hides*
  2. Title says it all, I'll start by going full hentai on a Kassadin
  3. Yesterday a couple hours after a server wiped, I started myself. Fully naked, I walked by a solo base that was active, the guy started chasing me, trying to use his crossbow to down me. I kept crafting bandages and healing myself up, using free-look to check behind me for when he shoots, and dodge. I ran to a road by the airfield, took quite a bit of rads for one boxes I saw, I was lucky enough to find a double barrel in it. One bullet, one dream. Waited for him behind the trash pile and shot him in the face. I got the SAR he didn't want to use on me off his body, as well as his crossbow and a full wooden gearset. I was good to go o/
  4. You needn't be cocky, only confident, calm, and focused. Accept the loss of pixels, learn from your mistakes, move on.
  5. Hey i am LePaw

    Welcome to you Mr.Assembly
  6. Hello DI :D

    Welcome @Lucky, I'm sure you'll like it here! Make sure to pop by in the Rainbow Six: Siege's Venture Channel in teamspeak under Community & Ventures :D
  7. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome @StarvedChild, hope you'll like it here :D
  8. Introduction of minamo99

    Welcome to DI !
  9. Swain is underpowered atm, I suspect he'll receive a slight buff.
  10. Never loot after you killed one guy, take at least 20-30 seconds to make sure no one else is closing in on you. Never go to a rad town when you know heli is out, you won't be able to take off your armor or you'll die from rads, either way you're doomed.
  11. Getting heli'd with full inventory, while stuck in launch site, with bradley's right outside my building. (that just happened to me) reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee