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  1. There's gonna be a change?Haven't been checking on news lately.
  2. More building blocks.Proper round walls.Would be a lot easier to counter Peekers advantage there.
  3. M92,just for the accuracy.Mid Distance can already be a pain with the custom.
  4. Garage doors really close the gap between sheet and armored doors.
  5. Vanilla is interesting,yet modded seems to have a lot less toxic people on its servers
  6. New PC Has Been Priced Out

    Pre-built will be more costly,but sometimes it even saves you money.If some cables are damaged for example,and they lead to a damage of your hardware, if pre-built,they may already have it exchanged beforehand or your guarantee will be no problem to deal with.If you built it yourself,and damaged cables are delivered,and you dont notice, it will be problematic as they can just assume that you handled them wrong.Sooo...prebuilt is my choice if I set up a new rig.
  7. what anime are you watching right now?

    Hajime no Ippo bois
  8. Pizza with fries on it-.-
  9. Your Favorite Song

    Airbourne- Breakin outta Hell
  10. Favorite food... GO!

    Edible,dead or alive