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  1. You should have more self confidence because you have a fanclub and I don't :)
  2. Top Main: Meowkai Secondary: Akali, Renekton, Gnar Jungle Main: Hecarim Secondary: Nocturne, Rengar, Evelynn, Kindred, Warwick Mid Main: Katarina, Ahri Secondary: Lux, Orianna, Zoe, AD Carry Main: Xayah, Caitlyn Secondary: Jinx, Ashe, Sivir Support Main: Nami, Janna, Thresh, Sona, Lulu, Soraka Secondary: Rakan, Blitzcrank
  3. It's just the day. Take a break or try learning/discovering new things!
  4. I really like Electrocute. Even though I'm sad that it doesn't proc as easy as Thunderlords, it still provides a huge amount of burst damage.
  5. UrGOD for a reason. I love his ultimate, it's really good for picks!
  6. I use Overwolf! I think it's really good because you get to look at your team and your enemy's runes and play accordingly.
  7. Personally I really liked the Katarina reworks! Makes her take at least a bit more understanding of the champion. Sion rework was pretty much needed.. Old kit was confusing as fuck. Warwick rework is really good too. way more enjoyable to play. and Swain... I don't like the rework, but at least I don't have to be scared of going against him anymore :)
  8. She surely is weak when there's a diver/burster on the enemy team.
  9. Xayah: "If you need me, whistle. You know how to whistle, don't you?" Rakan: "Hubba hubba." Xayah: "No, that's not whistling."
  10. Please don't hate on my Riot. I love Riot :D