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  1. Overall id say that its still based on what the enemies pick and what your team has. But those are actually quite the powerpicks. @Saucettewell i would say that the high Win% from Vayne doesnt come from the highest rank overall, since most ppl there know how to play vs her and its more balanced up there. As for my elo, Vayne probably has above 60% and lane winning way above it. (wild guess) Nobody ive seen so far could actually handle a vayne or trist with fleeting foodwork build, except for one support i played against, an alistar who rekt us bot in combination with gp ults.
  2. Or if you want to annoy ppl go for stuff like klepto Ez, fleeting foodwork tris / vayne (with upgraded relic shield + BT ;) ) . And you will be sure to annoy the hell out of the enemy botlane, as long as your supp doesnt go commando or suicide on you.
  3. How tall are you?

    1.86m and still growing some :)
  4. Favourite video game soundtracks

    RULES OF NATURE!!!! Definetly one of my favourites in the last years. There have been other good ones too, but cant remember them too clearly. Life is Strange is definetly under my top 5 though :) Oh and i nearly forgot the last DMC, where they had Noisia.
  5. Have I watched that anime!

    How about Hitsugi no Chaika ?
  6. Ez is pretty overplayed, but strong. Vayne got kinda annoying with fleeting footwork aka overheal stealth crit bia... (Currently highest win% adc; around 54%) shes not as strong as she was anymore but her healing on hit feels like a huge fist to your face sometimes. MF, obviously strong as allways. Twitch is kind of a lategame beast as far as i was told and have experienced. KogMaw is still shredding. And Xayah is also still decent. So from my experience, Vayne is the strongest atm, due to her not needing ANY skill in lower elo tiers (around silver +-) since her ult gives her an insane amount of stealth and she is barely attackable without a pinkward + at lvl 6 fleeting footwork can get her like 400+ heal in a fight which is insane at that stage. My alltime favourite is tristana though. Press the attack with sudden impact makes her e nuke you ;) Even electrocute should be viable on her, though i dont know the dmg in comparison.
  7. Support and playing fill. Means it differs per day, between 50% and 100% :D
  8. Rengar and Kha are ok. if you can play them they seem to be fairly strong. Kayn is really strong too and in low elo dont get me started on eve xD As for Tank junglers, i think the best to for that position are Hecarim and Volibear. With the triforce start on hecarim with the enhanced boots rune, running down the enemy midlaner is just hilarious everytime.
  9. Win Streak max. id have to guess, somewhere 7-10ish. Loss Streak.... too big to be mentioned
  10. LetFirerayn Firerayn Male Human Male Gargoyle Paladin Blacksmith New Haven New Haven House on the Island next to New Haven to the Nort :)
  11. Good evening everyone. Since there has already been someone who wanted to become a Hunter, i made a few pictures on the progress of creating a small macro to quickly switch weapons. The full Album can be found here. For all others, here is a small explanation: 1. You wanna open the Macro tab. Its usually on one of the Hotbars and labeled Macro. 2. You just hit "Create". 3. Now you can go for the "Items/Abilities" section and take Arm/Disarm into the Macro. You want to check the weapons box in the window that opens. 4. Now go to the "Equipment" section and scroll down. Equip Gear should work too, but i went for Equip Weapon. Drag and drop it into the macro and another window opens. There you can drag and drop your currently equipped weapon or one from your inventory. 5. Pretty much explained in Nr. 4 ;) 6. When you click on the icon for the Macro you can change it like i did. After clicking "Okay", it should look similar like here. Now you can drag it into your Hotbar to Assign a Hotkey for it or to where there is none and click on it. 7. You know the process now, so you can go from step 1-6 and make a 2nd macro, for your 2nd weapon. (Ex. Bow <--> Sword) I hope this is helping some of you. Have fun playing. ~Firerayn
  12. Is it worth it (New Nvidia GPU)?

    Wasnt that the Tesla up to now? Additionally some NVidia Tesla still have more than 3 times the price of a Titan V and Companies love expensive shit.
  13. Is it worth it (New Nvidia GPU)?

    @KapJ1coH thats not wrong, but i dont want to play on 4k atm. maximum WQHD / 2k for now. 4k is tooo slow for me no matter the graphicscard. but i would get a 1080 ti if i wanted to use 8k vr. that would be nice. especially since it has the same cost as a htc vive. current solutions for vr that are common, just have too low resolutions for me. i allways see the pixels which is annoying :D but thats pretty much what i meant. you need to know what you wanna do, to know which gc is worth it for you or is needed.