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  1. Well, some people just dont have enough self-control to not complain about stuff, and that builds up till it finally comes out. Usually its or kids that just say whatever they want, or teens/adults that are under stress the whole day, play a game and then when things dont go well within the game, work all their stress out on some1 else.. Thats what I think usually anyway, I tend to just ignore people like that though and accept criticism if it is valid point.
  2. That was... Something... xD Nice one man :P Was that a tournament or something that you were doing ?
  3. Apple or Samsung?

    Samsung for me ^^ Mostly since I never used apple, so ye... xD
  4. Boneless or Traditional?

    Boneless cus I cba with traditional, even though if u put a plate of boneless and traditional infront of me, i'd probably eat both of the ones you put infront of me... xD
  5. do you have any pets?

    I've got 3 cats named Tara, Bizoo and Bi And then i've got 5 dogs 3 yorksires who are called Tika, Yuki and Yara and then a Labrador named Dana and a mix between Labrador and Podenco named Navi Its quiete the zoo in my house >.<
  6. Which Steam Game Do You Have Most Hours In?

    Unrecorded: Arma 2 on the dayz mod which would be over 2000 hours somewhere Recorded though: CS:GO 1375 hours, not really proud of this :P
  7. What was your favourite childhood tv show?

    I had different stages :P -Under 5: Digimon, teletubies :P -Around 5-6: Pokemon-Yu-Gi-Oh! -Later somewhere: Avatar the Last Airbender, Ben 10 the older Ben 10 not the younger one since he was very annoying to me xD, thats really about it :P
  8. Marvels Runaways?

    I watched a few of it. liked it quiete abit, I would like to keep watching it but I keep forgetting xD
  9. The end of the fucking world (spoilers)

    Great series doesnt happen too often that I enjoy a brittish tv show, usually get bored of them quiete quickly but I binge watched this whole season and couldnt stop, didnt want it to stop either D: I kinda had a feeling how it was gonna end, since James was talking in past tense as in he was reliving the times he enjoyed the most of his life and then instantly knew that he died since he was talking in present tense then, whereas Alyssa was talking in present tense the whole way through
  10. Whats your dream job?

    Nice of u to say, but its literally not possible for me to even stream since i've got the best internet possible where I live and with this internet I cant stream properly :P (I live in a small town in the mountains somewhere xD)
  11. Whats your dream job?

    Probably full-time streamer, but since thats very unlikely it'd be apart from a move editing company
  12. What sports do you guys play?

    As a small kid I used to play loads of footbal (soccer) but then got problems with my right foot so I couldnt properly hit the ball anymore, a few years went by and I found Basketball where I spend a good few years on ^^