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  1. That wouldnt make any sense. Painted stuff was always only available through trade-ups and cases and you have to get lucky. You have to use so many keys or stuff to get the good painted stuff and then people can spend 2€ on every colour? Thats bs
  2. they wont ever do it, since it doesnt make any sense
  3. Theres a changelog by somebody, just look into the RL subforum Well when its in in the Game that wont be an issue What do you mean
  4. I can't see the purpose in it tbh. I always said that and will always say it. However the Otter changes are L I T!
  5. You can already change the crowd by an option, but also the casters get volumed down. However THIS IS JUST THE BETA GUYS. MATCHMAKING IS STILL A THING
  6. Yup, its worth seeing Yea, I just posted that instant after I saw it came out
  7. I'm not hyped for the tourneys, but the other changes, especially the scoreboard its soooo fancy
  8. GO CHECK IT OUT, ITS HUUUGE RL - properties - betas - tournamentsbeta
  9. I'm looking forward to RLCS and ESL One Cologne
  10. It was the funniest part about the whole montage though haha
  11. The editing is sick and well synced. Please don't put in the same clip 2 times, it gets boring really fast
  12. Just make AFK hours until ur at 1k, then you should be good. Jk, you could try to start off against bots first, so you get a feeling for the ball and the movement, since most of the online players will not give you a chance on touching a ball
  13. Do not only predict moves from the enemy, also from your mates (especially rotation). Furthermore, listen to the boosts if a mate is coming, don't take the ball off him if you don't have a good shot!