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  1. Why

    agree with above, big groups tend to raid everything around them all the way down to a 1x1.
  2. Have you seen Jumanji?

    loved it
  3. Where are you from?

    US, Florida
  4. Stream

    I'll follow you :D
  5. Waffles or Pancakes?

    no no no. French toast FTW!!!!!!!! Nom Nom Nom
  6. Waffles or Pancakes?

    I voted pancakes but if french toast was an option hands down that would have been my choice. Nom nom nom french toast with syrup and peanut butter :D *drools*
  7. How do you like your steak cooked?

    medium rare
  8. In my group I sent out a message to all of my guys when I became team leader of order of how we are doing things. I find this works best with my experience in rust This is what I sent out to my group: TEAM C: My expectations for Group C Things will be different from here on out I expect things to run a lot smoother. #1 Set up a designated meeting space. First one there begin to make bags for everyone else I want a 2x2 two stories high for starter with an triangle air lock. Farm for a level one work bench quickly, the quicker we accomplish this the quicker we can have low tier guns. Once the work bench is accomplished I expect to have people who pvp and consistently make gains to camp the rad towns. The rest will be farming for resources #2 Next comes the furnace base . I want a large enough for a space to be able to fit 2 large furnaces and oil refinery . #3. After this the designated builder will begin to build main. #4. I expect to have a level 3 workbench by 3 hrs into wipe day there's no reason why we cannot accomplish this. When we accomplish this guaranteed we will be ahead of most groups on rustafied. #5 Start raiding closer groups and work our way out. #6 If you loose a gun or armor you must farm not only it back but a second set before going back out geared again. This will prevent the group from running out of these items. On BP wipes we will be building near a rad town that has military crates. <3 Innari Also please make sure to name your bag. If it is not I will chop it and another will not be made. You will run back to base.
  9. Love to farm with music. I make the rust sounds go through my headset and music through my monitor so I can hear the sneaky ones creeping up on me.
  10. I like the new system better than just components but I will always miss old rust bp system.
  11. I love rust! Over 4k hrs :D There's just a great satisfation looking back at the end of wipe and saying to yourself "look at all this loot, I'm rich" and thinking about where you started (naked and alone on a beach with a rock and torch while listening to squeakers mic spam haha) minutes before the server wipes on Thursday just to do it all again. agreed