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  1. Feels too random i almost always get champs which are not fun on it and it ends up being a 25 minute residentsleeper game
  2. I will go with vayne, very strong atm and overall hard to kill if played by a good player
  3. Thresh on supp, lee sin in jungle
  4. I prefer playing support, but curently i am having fun on my adcs. Gotta swap it around sometimes
  5. Hmm more faith mechanics , rly gonna have to try religion a little bit more in my games, i feel that it's so weak though idk
  6. Thresh and Azir, everything Works so nice together and gives you the posibility of insane outplays, it's on you to make the best out of it
  7. Yeah i agree definitely Worth getting it, not sure if i will be getting expansion right away, kinda sceptical about it since not much is revealed
  8. If anyone still wants to get it it's currently in the humble monthly bundle (cheap AF) :D
  9. Rust is not my primary or anything so i am not in all the team groups and everything for rust but i need 2 players for ACTIVE solo/duo/trio play we would start asap on a new full wipe, is anyone interested? (I am fairly new ~90)
  10. against aqua+protons don't send snail to him on wave 2 (especially if you start with 1 worker) rather keep it and send it on 3 in a form or lizard+something so you can punish him if he goes 3rd worker before it
  11. Can't say i can imagine that with guns but we'll see i guess
  12. What exactly would be the story of this movie ? xD
  13. Wave 1: We start with 5 protons and an aqua, i prefer building on the bottom left side of the lane, where 1 out of 5 protons is on the opposite side so he pulls part of the wave. We also get 1 worker with the remaining 100 gold Wave 2: We add one more aqua(behind the first one NOT next to it), and this should be easy clear even if you get 2 snails/fiend for 2 Wave 3: The absolute safe bet is definitely upgrading one of your aquas( i prefer the one in front) to Rogue(this also holds any possible wave3 sends) Wave 4: You should have around ~122 gold if everything went right with your sending and enemy sends, at this point you build worker and you can also build another proton(optional, but i recomend it especially if you haven't got sends the wave before, this proton can be next to the one that we build on the other side) Wave 5: We upgrade the remaining aqua to Fire(this should hold 5 quite easily even with the sends unless you're never lucky rubber ducky(happens very rarely and only against 100+ sends) Wave 6: We wanna get another worker and upgrade one of our protons on the left side to Atom Wave 7: Unless there's a big send incoming we build worker and upgrade another proton to Atom(this time the one on the right side) Wave 8: Now this wave is fairly easy as element(and your sender probably knows that) but that doesn't mean you don't have to be careful, Unless you are expecting a very big send , you can push another worker here and upgrade one more proton to the Atom(now it rly doesn't matter but i prefer the left ones), if you're expecting sends you should upgrade all protons to Atoms as you can (don't get windhawks yet since they're absolute garbage here) Wave 9: For wave 9 we absolutly need a violet so make sure you get 265 gold after 8, it's of absolute key importance, if you get a violet then this can even hold cheesy mole sends and things like that Wave 10: We need disciple and we need him badly use 200 gold to build one(behind/around violet) and if you have 100 remaining gold you can push another worker(you can also build another windhawk if you think you might get some send) And now for the later levels the game build varries to high so i won't mention workers anymore i'll just tell you what you generaly want to have, so i'll just mention 11-13 Wave 11: You should get another Violet/or disciple at any cost(if theres any doubt theres gonna be a send from them on 11 you should try overbuilding and skip the worker on 10, overbuilding is the key to not leak 11 hard as quils often tend to fuck you up hard by focusing one of the aquas fairly easy destroying your combo( I would say this is the most unreliable level for Element as absolutly anything can happen it all depends on your RNG and positioning) Wave 12: Another Violet is nice (if you know they gonna send on 13 or something you might even go for a fire lord if you think you gonna have enough money (430) to upgrade him to phenix for 13) and you can also add a 3d proton to the right side of your line. Wave 13: If 13 is "Do or Die" level as you expect a big send you should definitely try to get a phenix if you buildet fire lord before and have enough gold, if not then violets are your go2unit as they're fairly good on 13(even doe they put you in a not so good position after 13 spaming them on 13 if you're expecting a big send could be your key to holding/not losing the game for your team) Anyway this would be my general guide for you, it gives you a good start since you have 6(sometimes 7) workers before level 10 and you can fairly often push to 8-9 after level 10, my suggestion would be to play safe the first few times and see how it works for you, if you have any question you can PM me, I'll be adding pictures later on and i might be postion some alternative builds also (I do believe however that 5 proton aqua start is currently the best). Hope you enjoyed it, off i go! :D
  14. Yeah he mentioned that, great work buddy can't wait to try it out , i think i might have a way for you to solve your "2 snail during income phase/1 snail after" problem doe, we'll talk about that later
  15. Hoodie... or games?

    Gotta play dem gaimz to be a gamer :D