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  1. i duo que for 90% of my games because i think solo que isnt fun at all xD
  2. i really don't know what to think about the new ones... i'll probably just stick to the 'old' one xD
  3. @bLizzolino Camera shake as turned on as well ? :D
  4. Yes i think so... They even made a step into the right direction by winning dreamhack Leipzig
  5. for the most part it's personal preference... but as many ppl before me pointed out, flat cars like the batmobile are said to be the best for aerials
  6. i think psg are my favourites to win it all ... if they actually manage to stop tilting for once :D
  7. They don't want to admit their own mistakes and therefore blame the other ppl so that they feel good themselves... At least that's what i think happens most of the times
  8. Imagine Dragons - Thunder for Winston xD?
  9. I don't mind widow mains.... i just wished they would actually switch if it really doesn't work out xD
  10. I'd say watch some videos on youtube and just get a feel for the game like all the other ppl already mentioned :D
  11. idc about the tournaments anyways ^^ ... The other changes are more important
  12. The mix of football and cars is savage xD Plus i mostly play games that require practice in order to compete with other players