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  1. I think sometime the problem is people don't rly buy control wards in low elo. I think it is rly important it gives vision to your team while getting rid of enemy vision so more easier for your team to gank while avoid other teams ganks. maybe late game tell your teammates to buy a control ward and put it in the jungle. It will actually increase objective pressure and less mistakes like dying solo walking around
  2. I use G402 ryujaehong use this mouse as well I think
  3. Winston, Looked so strong when you just jump around also easy to climb with
  4. London spitfire but the fact is it is just another Korean team with 12 Korean players 0british player
  5. moira I think is good to climb deal s tons of dmg doesn't die fast ult heals just so good
  6. London spit fire zenyatta skin is amazing but it is quite funny it is London but all the team members are korean
  7. caught a wild pokemon with a master ball didn't notice it was a big deal until my friend told me
  8. get the heros of the storm card back then you will win no matter what
  9. Blizzard: too OP we need to nerf it.
  10. I like the Heros of the Storm back it gives me luck from the inner Heros of the Storm. but I don't play heros of the storm because it is boring
  11. Dr boom still blowing things up and turn 7 in wild
  12. need to make the cards look stronger so the game doesn't stay boring which leads to OP decks.
  13. I like to play non meta decks when I started 2014 rogue was non meta but after it became meta not feeling of playing it so I play shaman now