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  1. whats everyone's favorite cereal?

    Fruit pebbles
  2. Dazzle, I haven't played in a while (He might not be meta anymore) but I always worked into early mech, got a venom orb for easy harras on safe lane
  3. I pretty much only use Iron tools, salvaged tools cost a lot and aren't as rewarding
  4. Lets not lie, who wouldn't watch this if it was an anime!

    It has literally all the interesting different characters. It just isn't the right game.
  5. Is anyone hyped about the new Samurai Jack Season?

    I'm glad they made this season to conclude the show. I think this show ended perfectly.
  6. Grell Sutcliff, Black Butler series
  7. What do you do on a rainy day?

    I like to open the sliding glass door and watch the rain fall. I am in California, it doesn't rain often
  8. Playing on Tag servers is probably the best, but battlefield servers help too
  9. Waffles or Pancakes?

    waffles definitely have more flavor, and even when soggy can still taste good!
  10. D.va, I play her and am really good with her. but I do not main her
  11. I don't and think it should be patched.
  12. Thanks for this information. It is very helpful!
  13. I didn't know you could get lots of scrap. Most I ever had was 400. very frustrating 400