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  1. Let's get some post in

  2. I usually play on top but when I am sick of my feeding bot lanes I play support.
  3. I personally love Nasus(if played correctly can dominate HARD) but recently I started becoming a Swain 1-trick :D
  4. I do not realy care for him, but I believe that LoL should be toxic free.
  5. They are trying to shorten the 50-minute games I guess.
  6. I hope so, I like him rn but I will not complain about a buff.
  7. Yeah the main thing about him is almost no one knows how to play vs him. I ran into a Val'koz who knew and he (didn't win but) slowed me down to my path to victory(others did not know how to play vs me). It was a nice 13/2 game.
  8. I never said you did, just throwing random facts out there. Did you know Riot will release a vampire champion soon? Or at least they are planning to.
  9. I get what you are saying, but with that dark cloak and crows following him and that pale skin makes him look like a vampire. By the way, Vladimir is not a vampire, he is a hemomancer (blood controlling mage).
  10. Finally, someone who gets it. I only said he is Vlad 2.0 as his appearance has changed to resemble a vampire. And that his previous form was pretty boring, while on the other hand, this rework gives him a totally new playstyle.
  11. Because he is fun! Vlad 2.0 for the win :D
  12. Yeah, he is basically Vlad 2.0 but I really think that his old kit was too boring.I think this kit adds a lot of spice to him.