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  1. this was actually fun to watch good job there are actually true points covered in this vid
  2. @MrDoucheBag its ELXK and not ELKX :P
  3. good montage but fressytling is dead tbh XD nothing more to discover or hit thats why i quit fstyling though but ur editing was nice
  4. passing and rotation are definetely the way to go although ur goal was a tiny bit lucky that the ball bounced of the 1guy ^^
  5. the nissan is ok feels bit of a mix between dominus and takumi for me but i still prefer octane
  6. migz dont worry @DizzGamez is a dirty player who has a fetish for demolishing many people XD
  7. those tutorials arent gonna help that much of course they do tell you what to do or how but you as a player have to practice and try it over and over again but dont worry its gonna pay off it will probably take some time but in the end your gonna be so happy about your first sick airdribble i recommend just browsing through any training packs which are recommended in the sections good luck
  8. hm i would recommend playing solo standard and after u know rotations (youtube videos might help) u can play with ur team or additionally some guys ur talking on discord with(cmmunication is a key to success ) i would also do some training packs like redirect or rebound ones there ez to find in the packtabs even dribbling in the training might help or just hitting the ball as fast as you can around and starting to play faster hope this was bit helpful
  9. gz but u were playing 1 whole year together :o thats a long time
  10. nice montage and good idea of making a training montage but i personally would have chosen another song bec its kinda overused ^^
  11. Not important XD unless its a goal it doesnt matter if it was skill or good looking ^^