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  1. What do you snack on when you're mad?

    Anything like hard candy's or chewing gum. If you're playing games and chewing gum you can be much less focused on being mad.
  2. That would require me to learn a lot of stuff. I never really played Pokemon with stats or team composition in mind so i'd have to probably relearn Pokemon from the ground up. It's probably best for me to just support you guys from the sidelines haha.
  3. Is Pokken members' input really needed here since it's an idea that won't incorporate us in it? I myself don't really do anything besides Pokken and haven't even tried the Showdown server as i'm pretty terrible at the Pokemon RPGs competitively. I say do what you want but I myself won't be able to get into this sort of thing as i'm not too interested in the showdown related events. Edit: That probably sounds a bit rude actually. Too sum it up I really can't put too much input into this sort of event because i'm completely out of the loop on how our Showdown stuff works. Doesn't sound like too bad of a thing for the people interested though.
  4. Finding the Balance

    When it comes to playing professionally, I guess it's up to how much time you have for each game. I find myself personally unable to dedicate myself to playing 2 games unprofessionally because I do other stuff besides gaming competitively. Edit: Also I guess a little talent can go a long way, which I find myself lacking in most games so I have to try a little harder personally to reach certain levels compared to other people.
  5. Apple or Samsung?

    Unfortunately I don't think Battery Swapping will return soon, but it's been reported the new Galaxy will have an SD card slot again if that let's you breath easier. Still sucks that most modern phones have dropped removable batteries.
  6. The trade evo Pokemon were the worst for me as a kid. No one around me really had Pokemon after Gen 2 so I couldn't get certain Pokemon in Emerald. I also remember back in Diamond when someone traded you a Pokemon that was an evo Pokemon and it held an Everstone and it pissed me off hard.
  7. I'm all for Decid. I'm very curious at some of the combos he can pull off.
  8. Apple or Samsung?

    Do you mean Apple or Android? I'm more of an HTC guy, Samsung makes good phones though. Samsung isn't the only maker of Android phones.
  9. The lack of interesting bonus stuff to do since Gen 4. Ever since they secluded Game Corner from Pokemon games they've been finding less and less stuff to do besides just battling in a Pokemon game. The last game that had a lot of fun stuff to do in my opinion was HG/SS. Pokeathlon, Battle Frontier (though it was kinda numbed down a bit in that one), and Game Corner were all things in that game, but now any minigame kind of stuff is pretty much completely gone, or completely restricted to online play (like the freaking Festival Plaza and that island that's pretty much a mobile game shoved into S/M). Sometimes, I just don't like battling. I'd like some side quests or something similar in Pokemon since it's supposed to be an RPG.
  10. Yo your pic changed bro. What happened to our local memer?

    1. TheGamer777


      I think he got eaten by a Gyarados.

  11. Wear this with pride buddy!060.png

  12. If you had $1,000,000...

    Retire and build up an account with compound interest. Also work a part time job for a few days a week and put that towards the account. Live comfortably.