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  1. I'm kinda in a slump right now in League of Legends with a loss streak of 7. It's not the worst I've ever had, which was an almighty 11 game lose streak. I did however get an 13 game win streak with Nocturne. What's everyone's records?
  2. You're a mad man! But yeah, it could work. Just look at who you're facing against, don't want to play into a mage. That would be awwwwwwwwwkward.
  3. I require serious anime

    @F0rtes funny you said that, my RL friend said the same recommendation.
  4. He was bad when he came out, and then they overtuned him.
  5. Indeed, just because a game feels that way doesn't mean it actually is.
  6. @xDStarx Now I'm starting to do that too. Some games just feel hopeless!
  7. Grandma Warwick, why is your nose so big?
  8. Punisher.

    Feels weird that he already had a plot line in Daredevil, and then they change it so soon.
  9. I require serious anime

    @HappyHellmann I'm a huge berserk fan, and I've watched and read all the media. God that newest anime is so poorly made man; i'd rather watch the old anime!
  10. Interesting, I wander if the company will eventually completely drop the PvE in the future.
  11. I require serious anime

    As the title states, I'm looking for an anime with a serious tone like Ghost in the Shell, or Berserk. Anyone know of any?
  12. Your Favorite Song

    But Undertale is super cool too!
  13. I used to play Fortnite when it was PvE against zombies. I was wondering if I could get an opinion of the game's Battle Royale feature , from someone who had spent a lot of time in the old system.