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  1. well i said that wrong, lucian is still working on the old meta so hes still one of my top picks and best adc's
  2. considering the new meta it changed to trist, cait, lucian is still a top of mine
  3. What is everyones favorite Disney movie?

    THE LION KING is my childhood!!!!!
  4. youre going to get bad games, but you know just move on to the next one and youll be fine.
  5. i mean you know it takes practice like each champ, but you know you can get the hang of it it might be tricky but youll get it
  6. i think it was with lucian i could be wrong and it could have been with yi one of the two
  7. How do you like your steak cooked?

    well done is my preferred, if any of you judge me on it youre are an evil person
  8. i mean 100% until you get jg or support fill which are my 2 worst lanes lol
  9. Your name

    hmm my attention has been brought to this.........
  10. Subs or Dub

    subs is way better, dubs are alright i mean i only use dubs when i need it for noise or when im doing something else while trying to watch it
  11. what anime are you watching right now?

    rewatching kuroko no baskue for the 3rd time now lol
  12. if yi can do any lane, then i believe in this!!!!
  13. im rooting for 100T, mostly because they have ssumday ive always been a big fan of him and a big fan of the rest of their team
  14. Welcome to Kytoshi's Weeb Gallery

    some sick drawings bro keep it up