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  1. Where are you from?

    Yeah Boi!
  2. Bear traps and such will not be permitted. I would say no. Clubs/boomerangs classify as tranq items as they knock players/dinos unconscious. No. No, that would result in disqualification. I have a plan for preventing leaving the arena accidentally, do not worry about that.
  3. ARK: Aberration Song, Acoustic or 'Full' version?

    I like both. Acoustic is more pleasing to me though.
  4. Fight Night is Back! Some DI-IX people and I have a list of rules to follow: - Small and Medium sized dino's are permitted to help out in the fight (the arena is not able to support big dino's and smaller dino's can be just as good) The following dinos are NOT permitted: Rex Brontosaurus Diplodocus Giganotosaurus Mammoth Morellatops Paracer Sarco Spino Titanosaur Rhino Flyers that can pick up humans - The number of dinosaurs you can bring into the arena is limited to 4. - Using narcotics of any kind during the match (tranq darts, tranq arrow, shock tranq darts, electric prod, etc) is prohibited. - No Tek gear, this should be a fair competition and everyone has a fair chance to win. - No trolling, we should be focusing on the event and have fun, not on annoying others. - The event will be held in the weekend, and competitors can level up their characters and get dino's on the server in the days before the event, which should be plenty of time. - Must be Initiate rank or higher. - The most important rule of all: Enjoy yourselves!
  5. Song of the Day

  6. What is your Zodiac Symbol?

    The Libra life.
  7. What is everyone's favourite animal??

    Snakes or Sharks
  8. It may be one of the strongest combos, but if the rest of the team isn't getting enough heals then what's the point of the healer?
  9. Song of the Day

  10. Mostly depends on situation, but I really do not like Troodons.
  11. What you listening to?

    Discovered this a few days, really enjoyed it.
  12. Song of the Day