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  1. @TinyMario Hey, I cant find Tanoshi and @Chilli is Registered Guest :/
  2. @TinyMario when and where will be the list of coach and coaches?
  3. Div-VII friendly match

    Friendly match -DI- vs BCe
  4. Name and Steam Link: BloodySquirrel http://steamcommunity.com/id/Bloody_squirrel Current highest rank in Rocket League: Champ 3 What can you help other players with the most: Rotation, desitions, positions, communication Are you willing to coach multiple players or just one: Max 2 Do you have any players you prefer to coach: Nope
  5. @RandomPeanut We didn't do 1v2, we are going to do it today.
  6. I mostly love just pass on my mates, my dribble is low, my shots as well, but when I find mate with good communication and positions its absolutely phenomenal, some passes are so perfect that is impossible to miss and I love when someone scores sick goal from my pass, that feeling is just best.
  7. Focused: -How to warm up -passing ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Warm up: 1. watch better players (pros) gameplays or streams, try to understant why they do they moves, start to make your brain thinking about game 2. mess around with ball in free play, hit it with most power you can to the wall and then follow up as fast as you can, try drible, flicks, airdribles, hitting ball on specific point (boost pad, conner etc....). 3. find realy hard or concistence training pack, dont try to finnish it at 100% but make shots agin until they are good, imagine there is golie or attacker againts you. 4. do all-star golie training and try to clear ball to right conner, then left conner, then right middle boost and then left middle boost, imagine that you are passing someone 5. play one or two casual games and try be on every ball as fast as you can, dont let your oppenets play with ball much, all balls will yours. Passing: 1. Pass and run: 4 players- One player on both blue boost and one player on both middle boost. You pass to anyone on the field and replace his place, he passes to another one and replaces his place, the result should be that you rotate and pass each other in same time. Try to make passes fast, in front of mates care (not behind) and on the ground, don't make high passes. 2. Two vs one (not completed, do on 5.1) 3 players- one is a defender, two attackers, attackers try to score a goal, no matter how (solo plays, dribble, pass play, one bump one shot, etc...) and defender tries to clear a ball on another side of the field (if is a defender red then on blue half), if defender clear it its point for him, if attackers score its point for them, round ends after is ball cleared or attackers score. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Last words: Im so glad almost everyone came today, you made my day guys, if we keap it up like this we defintly be best team in the World, I would like know what do you think about this traning, did you like it? Do you think it was usefull? Do you rather play scrims vs each other or do you want do exercasis aswell?
  8. RL Poll

    @TinyMario for me it doesn't depend on rank, but about skill
  9. Happy new year to everyone :3
  10. Div-VII friendly match

    -DI- div VII friendly match vs Fatality
  11. Actually, there are scopes that enable calculate target distance pretty fast and accurate, so you when you have time and one of these scopes you can be pretty sure that you hit your target right in the head.
  12. Favourite Lightsabre colour?

    Red bc evil! :D
  13. @TheSoja nah, could you do it for me, please? :D