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  1. Dumbest Game You've Purchased

    CSGO, they screwed up the CS games after 1.6
  2. yes, this is exactly how I feel. We all know it is a rendered image like a cartoon but realistic gameplay is what we want-not being able to see over your own shoulder.
  3. My first solo win, I was upstairs and he was outside downstairs circle came to be the ten foot diameter, I jumped off the balcony and shot him on the way down.
  4. The new SKS is a great sniper but trying to use it as a primary CQ is not that great, same with the mini14 the bullets travel tooooo slow. I have been trying this and it's not that good.
  5. PUBG and all the survivor games are taking advantage of the graphics power available in order to make the game play as real(with exceptions) as an actual combat warfare game can be. It goes right to the need for putting yourself in a fearful situation and overcoming the odds---or not. Then, you can do it all again.
  6. I agree with seek, not enuf damage to offset the use of an M16 instead
  7. WELL THIS LAST UPDATE AS OF A FEW HOURS AGO HAS MADE THE GAMEPLAY SMOOTHER!! It seems like they got in a few optimizations that are working well.
  8. First person is being IN the game, third person is watching the game...
  9. The foliage makes for better cover than the desert map, IMO
  10. That is lucky! I have gotten to the point of just selling the crates, it like a lottery- I get money for that chance than the item.
  11. it took a while but it's growing on me, I like it now