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  1. Do you collect anything?

    Used to collect coins when I was little. Don't have much cause I don't really collect anymore. Also have a decent Yu-Gi-Oh card collection and a sort of decent amount of Pokemon cards.
  2. Who thought that shiny Espeon color looked good?? Something like blue (not to copy Umbreon too much but come on, it would look good) or maybe yellow would just look a whole lot better.
  3. How old is your gaming e-persona?

    The earliest date I can easily look back to is mid-2008. This was under a different, pretty dumb nickname. But I believe the name actually goes back maybe a year or two earlier on Club Penguin. My memory is a little hazy so I can't really remember the exact point I first made an online nickname. Been on the computer for a while now so who knows.
  4. Definitely Pichu. Actually was planning on doing a solo run with just him at one point.
  5. Pokémon art ahoy

    Woah, I'm actually super impressed. Genuinely speaking, I love your art style. Even something about the MS Paint drawings that I like a lot. Also that's a nice little remix. Never done a commission before but I may or may not hit you up later for one. :o
  6. home alone

    Parents were a little weird about leaving me and my brother home alone for some reason so it took them a while before they finally let us. But we didn't really do much when it happened.. mostly just played music over speaker and sang really loudly. Also played games but we did that anyways lol.
  7. How tall are you?

    5'7. My family definitely got the short (lol) end of the stick when it came to height.
  8. Y'know, for a while when I first heard about this I thought for sure it would be one of those Japan-exclusive games for some reason. But here it is! No idea if I will even buy this lol.
  9. I really really wanted to watch this cause the last Pokemon runs at AGDQ were sooo good. But sadly I happened to catch it in the middle so I'll just watch it later on Youtube. Would be lame to just see half of it.
  10. Favourite Food to Get When Out?

    Don't have too many options around here sadly but if I want something quick Wendy's or Taco Bell is always good to me. Chinese or Mexican if we're looking for something a little more 'fancy.'
  11. what's your favorite snack

    Chips and dip is like the best thing. Especially ranch or cheese dip. Sooo good. I also like those Zebra Cake things or anything like them.
  12. Waffles or Pancakes?

    There's just something about waffles that I like more than pancakes. Pancakes aren't too bad though I will say but waffles are just better like 90 percent of the time.
  13. I really love the idea of this. But I'm not even close to being considered a shiny hunter and so am not prepared at all - Have no shiny charm, don't want to restart my game, etc. Therefore I think having it as a individual catching would be better. I wouldn't want to be a burden to my team is all.