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    Hip-hop, soccer, and basketball. Also games.
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    December 2017
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  1. whats your shoe size?

  2. Song of the Day

  3. Little About Me

    whassup colorful folk my favorite color is green and my name is frazzledsloth.
  4. Pantheon Discussion Thread

    All about it, glad to test this mammajamma
  5. How tall are you?

    6'3 or 6'4 on a good day.
  6. Vaporwave? Like it or Hate it?

    fw the aesthetic not as big a fan of the music but its dece
  7. Guilty pleasures?

    Lil Pump, that dude goes so fuckin hard
  8. Where are you from?

    Born in CT from CA, loved in a few different places though.
  9. Last concert you went to?

    Never been to one but I really want to go. A lot of artists come to a city close to me so I hope I can catch one soon.
  10. Anyone here use SUAN.FM?

    Never used it but it sounds interesting, i'll have to check it out.
  11. Is water wet?

    Yes, water is inherently wet. I've been having this conversation at my school for like 3 months now lol.
  12. What could you do with $2

    Crack pipes are more expensive than $2, unless you're getting one that already has AIDs on it.
  13. What do / did your parent(s) scold you for?

    Anytime I get within 20 feet of another car while driving my mom has a fuckin heart attack. Then she scolds me for driving dangerously.