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  1. Pokémon A-Z!

    Glad to see we're picking this back up! I think we should toast to another session of Pokemon alphabet puns. Glasses up everyone! Cheers! Klink.
  2. Creamy or chunky peanut butter?

    I like creamy better, easier to spread and more enjoyable to eat
  3. mcdonalds is bad

    mcdonalds may not be good but it sure as hell isnt worse than burker king lol
  4. im feeling hungry

  5. pre-ordered games

    I've never pre-ordered a game. I thought about doing it for Pokemon Sun but ended up just buying it on the release date.
  6. Taco's?

    Tacos are good. The ideal taco to me is mexican spiced beef on a flour tortilla with lettuce, shredded cheese, a bit of onion, and sour cream. Chicken instead of beef is good too. I also like fajitas. Not much of a burrito person though
  7. Does Ketchup go on KD?

    This sounds worse than ketchup on eggs to me
  8. How old is everyone?

    19 here. Seeing the age range here surprised me a bit tbh
  9. I use the stylus that came with my 3ds. I have a bunch of backup ones as well that I bought off of ebay several years ago, as I will lose one every now and then
  10. Pokémon A-Z!

    E M B O A R
  11. Pokémon A-Z!

    Looks like you've bell-sprouted a new cycle there
  12. Pokémon A-Z!

    That's a bit irrelevant but okay... to be fair, this makes zap-dos irrelevant puns
  13. Pokémon A-Z!

    Yeah, I xat-u so too
  14. Pokémon A-Z!

    Yeah I agree, we have so much vigor-oth to keep going with puns that we'll have to repeat everything eventually