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  1. Introductions

    Welcome and good luck! Starcraft 2 is a lot of fun! Very fast paced in my opinion, and still a good community the last time I got on. But yes the multiplayer ladder is free to play now, so no harm in checking it out! A lot of new units and call backs to the older ones. Still sad no Reaver in Starcraft 2
  2. That one guy who's new

    Welcome and good luck! What is so bad about Florida? It is a great place to vacation! =)
  3. Looking for a sausage

    Do you like Polish Sausage? Or how about Pigs in a Blanket? Welcome to DI! =)
  4. Hello

    Welcome great to have you! League just went through some major changes today! =) I haven't played War Thunder in a long long time, that game was a blast!
  5. Yo Guys

    Welcome! Glad to have you man. Let me know if you are interested in weight training with me, I am a lot to carry.
  6. Definitely been killed by the instant 3 round burst head shots. I had no idea about the speed hacks though, I first when to spectate this guy and was like "wow!" this is some rubber-banding crap! But then this guy kept running as fast as a car. So I recorded a little bit and got a kill of his in, sadly he just ended up quitting the game. The worst part is that I have no idea how to report someone on your team for hacking. Ugh
  7. Hello

    Welcome to DI! Glad to have you! If you have questions or anything feel free to ask!
  8. Introducing Me,Myself and I

    Welcome Jonny-Boy! We will have to fire off some rounds in PUBG sometime!
  9. Introduction

    I think rocket league might be one of the hardest games I've ever played to be honest. There really is no skill cap. At least one that I could see way at the bottom. Welcome to damage inc, and good luck with your gaming!
  10. sandal and socks

    Formally welcome! Looking forward to playing with you all!
  11. Who am I?

    Looking forward to working along side you sir!
  12. Introductions (:

    Welcome and goodluck! Lots of opportunites to play all those games =)
  13. Yo it's me, PROTOz

    Welcome and goodluck! It is a great community and they are here for the long haul!
  14. Hey , Am MatealZuck

    I guess it is true what they say, everyone has to do an introduction. You can't sneak around it lol. You held out for a long time! Congrats. I wonder what the longest time is?
  15. Heyo

    Welcome Das and goodluck!