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  1. Division Signatures / Video intros

    Dude these are awesome! Would it be possible to maybe make one for Div 15 Overwatch? :D
  2. She is still so good (And fun to play) that i dont think this will affect her pick rate that much. Maybe for some very specific reason in some od setup but not noticeable :)
  3. Where are you from?

  4. I would not like to see a buff to Genji, as he is the one who always kills me in games! (And he is a really strong character if you play him correctly) But that is just my opinion from a gold/Diamond perspective
  5. Has anyone had time to buy and try this game out yet? It looks really cool but i have not done that much reading about it, how does the gameplay feel like? what is the ultimate goal of the game? Would love to hear from people who have had time to play it or just know a lot about it from reading :)
  6. This! Having a stun arrow would be awesome and still be lore friendly
  7. Good Morning Positivity!

    Wonderfull morning with no clouds in the sky! And bacon rain? Cant get any better! 😄
  8. Really...

    But here in Sweden it had all started to thaw away and the sun started to come out!
  9. Really...

    Just when you started to think that summer was on its way..................................
  10. I really enjoyed it, but eventually got stuck for so long i activated some flying cheats in-game and completed it in like 1 hour.... Kind of destroyed the meaning of the game haha!
  11. Nice, might try another playthrough then when it get the full release ^^
  12. Good Morning Positivity!

    something amazing that happened today is that we just got a new coffee machine! Today was a good day :D