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  1. Well, when you tell me to think of a Pokémon, it can't be any other than my favorite..
  2. Hooray!!! Time to have the world's most beautiful least ugly Feebas!
  3. Hey no problem, whenever you can is fine. Just let us know and I'd be glad to attend!
  4. I'd be down for that. Any idea on around when this would take place?
  5. Pantheon Discussion Thread

    I’d be glad to help you test, I have Tabletop Simulator as well so I can help. I’ll probably only be able to help you on the weekends though, because of time zones. If you ever see me on TeamSpeak and wanna send me a message, I’ll most likely be able to help.
  6. I'm thinking full 3D controllable camera, like in your typical 3D platformer (although it obviously won't play like a platformer, haha). It'd be nice to get to see console-level graphics in a main-series Pokémon game, since we've never had that before. Also I think it would be cool if the world was much larger and open-world, because it would feel more immersive. I'm talking places that are large enough to have your battles take place right on the spot, without loading a new screen / background / etc. I really hope that Game Freak pushes this game to be amazing, because on a console like the Switch, it has huge potential. I would honestly be perfectly fine if it didn't release in 2018, because that would just tell me that they are taking more time to perfect and enhance the game.
  7. Unevolved Feebas @ Rose Incense in a Love Ball (If you can't get that then Dream; otherwise Heal) Oblivious ability, Naughty nature. (Don't worry about IVs and EVs) Moves: Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, Tickle, Captivate ....I'll let your imagination do the rest ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. Something's not right here....


    1. Nightcast


      :kermit: What in merlins beard?!

    2. BDSally


      From  the future?

    3. TheFireAnt


      maybe it’s a fan!

  9. Man, I wish i would've been there. Looking forward to next time for sure!
  10. Yeah gold bottle caps are really rare with that method. The only reason i pick the treasure path that gives you everything, is because i don't use caps that often.
  11. I use the shard method mainly. I just choose the poké pelago option that gives you everything, because then you can also get golden bottle caps. You can probably get more from just picking shards though. I don't do the festival plaza method where you buy treasure hunt lottery over and over again, because that seems like an exploit, not a feature. And if you really need to get more caps, the best active method is to go fishing while your pelago expedition is still taking place. I prefer the place in the Steelix boat in Seafolk Village, because the fishing spot is almost always bubbling. If you SR over and over, I think your chance for caps is higher.
  12. Same for my choice. And if I get picked just give it to @claduva. So basically double the chance for claduva to win. Except if I win, you have to nickname it...
  13. Hey guys, I'm looking for someone who has a 3DS capture card, a Poké Bank subscription, and any Generation VII main series Pokémon game. I need a few screenshots of three things (posting pictures below), because I'm making a collection spreadsheet and I would like to have certain colors / images from in-game. I could only find some of the things that I was looking for online, so here's exactly what I need (don't feel bad if you can't / don't want to get them all, I don't know if there's any hassle involved with using a capture card so I should hardly expect this from anyone). 1) Poké Bank Pokédex scroll bar: https://imgur.com/kANHZlT 2) Marking icons (at least 1 blue and 1 red): https://imgur.com/6hxmTl5 3) Both male and female gender icons (in-game-- not Poké Bank): https://imgur.com/Ry9yL0G Thank you in advance!