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  1. Tattoo! Let me know your thoughts!

    I'd love to give some feedback but I can't see the pictures.
  2. The -DI- Food Ilustrated Catalog

    Almost everything in this post looks so amazing and I'm feeling so inferior with my coocking skills
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXfnrEguhxA Enjoy!
  4. Either Favela or Terminal on CoD MW2. That game had so many good maps so it's hard to choose
  5. What is everyones favorite Disney movie?

    Treasure Planet all the way
  6. 50th Post

    Lol finally, I've been so bad at posting since forum stuff really isn't my main thing and I'm kinda anti-social when it comes to online conversations. But finally my post count is atleast where it needs to be!
  7. Tiny Rick or Pickle Rick?

    I mean Pickle Rick was pretty sick but Tiny Rick was so damn fun
  8. Swedish TV.

    Yeah but then we also have a shit-ton of really bad trash tv, I mean just take "Ullared" as one example
  9. Your name

    Haven't seen it but definitely intend to do, the animation looks so amazing
  10. Other Languages?

    I speak English, Swedish and a TINY bit of Spanish
  11. When Is Your Birthday?

    May 27th boiii
  12. Most Hours Played

    An old classmate of mine had like 4-5k hours on CS.GO.
  13. pineapple or no pineapple?

    FUCK YEAH PINEAPPLE! With ham and bearnaise
  14. Tfw you lose faith in humanity.

    The level of dankness is out of this world.
  15. What dogs does everybody have

    Since i live in a student apartment this is the only dog I'm allowed to have atm