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  1. luke, sometimes it is good to take a break , you will see the game from a different perspective maybe or you'll refresh your skill and your muscle will rememeber to do things the right way , had happened to me before, hope to see you back at it again with the white zombas ( yea yea bad pun ).
  2. for me just playing the game it helps and trying to focus on that thing alone without leaving the other elements aside , practices alone don't do it for me at all
  3. Rocket League bug?

    who isn't ? :D
  4. in my language suji means suck it sooooooo yea :D
  5. who knows when will this season end ? :))
  6. diam dream .... idk how much time i still have but still trying
  7. everytime i see good play like this i get a lil bit depressed cuz i can't do them :))
  8. is it even possible with kbm to do it on that level ?
  9. interesting ideas :D but noooooo they have to make it hard for every1
  10. rocket league trolling ppl before the new year
  11. sadly i'm staying home and doing nothing special