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  1. Gucci face reveal?

    Well im just going with what i were told, and you agreed this is what you would look like
  2. Gucci face reveal?

    I always tell the truth, so this is true aswell
  3. Gucci face reveal?

    Sooo guys, i just got confirmed this is a legit face reveal of everybodys favorite @GucciGang. Kinda didnt look like what i thought, but he is indeed a Billy. Hopefully people will still speak to him just like you used to, because he is still a good guy
  4. The Love Of My Life <3

    This is what motivate me to wake up in the morning, people like @Deedo
  5. I love you Chantal

    This guy is so charming, holy damn!
  6. Someone mentor me please

    oh my days, rest in rip Sharpz
  7. Best item i've opened yet, i've never been so hyped before!!
  8. Holy chicken wing, Wow! Wow! Wow! Chat have been disabled for 4 seconds! Nice shot!
  9. Eminem`s new album! :O

    Its as good as my trolling skills in Golf With Your Friends, so its Insane hehe! And i can only agree with you, River ft. Ed sheeran is the best one
  10. Eminem Revival

    Hey yo peeps, have any of you listend to Eminems new album? and if yes, what do you think? Personally i think its sick, have waited for it since he first released just any kind of info about it
  11. Got any rap fans at DI?

    You know what, let me change that 2. to "Revivial", damn that album is dope
  12. Most Hours Played

    If i remember right i had like 3 months or something like that in Black Ops 2 on PS3, and thats like 2000 hours
  13. Favorite Quotes

    @Neix and @dragonBEL this is really funny "you and dragon should swap teams if you judge skillwise @dragonBEL" -Neix <---- great memes
  14. What do people play the Most on Pokemon Showdown? I personally really enjoy random battles, anything goes or OU, what about you?
  15. I always love the series from a young age, and then when i finally got Ruby i just loved it, playing ruby first is also the reason for my favorite pokemon being Breloom, but since then, Pokemon have just been the best thing ever for me, and i hate when people diss it