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  1. Tell us a Secret

    When I was young the psychiatric peeps told my mom "Don't expect any social development from him". My secret is that he was right and that I only understand human emotions because I replaced parts of my body with technology, effectively becoming the first real cyborg. Now you guys know.
  2. Hey all, Jixxer here

    I think I need new glasses... I'm seeing double... ;P Also, welcome @Jixxer
  3. They brough twin shadows back? That's going to be fun~ ^^ But yeah, I usually just went with the rylias liandyrs build on her cause that was all about teamfight control and it maximised her damage in those fights while giving some tankiness in return.
  4. Calm down, it's just a normal thread ;P
  5. I dropped her a bit earlier, I got a bit too high and people got a bit too good at dodging skillshot xD
  6. Morg also seems really powerful atm. I used to main her ^^
  7. That's a very good one! Thanks, I will check it out! ^^
  8. Now you're going completely of the road, what are you even trying to say? xD
  9. Since when to you play on NA...? Also, Im this | | close to changing the title of this posts to "Linaii's Love Polygon, a story of LoL, Football cars and the distance between continents". xD
  10. Transfer to EU then you can join in on our events ;P And the love polygon becomes ever more complicated!
  11. Shhh! If you're not careful @Jinxxy will see you calling me bae... ;P And I'm not going to stop, I'm looking to get back into it! I would have given this a heart, but I can't give out any more reactions today... So here you go: <3
  12. Yeah... I think I'm going to stick with League for now ;P but maybe in the future I will be joining you guys during some of your events ^^