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    When I'm not being a Dad to two indomitable little girls, i'm playing games or building Gunpla, and if the fancy takes me I have been known to write short stories or even the odd fanfic.
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  1. what anime are you watching right now?

    Making my way through all the Mobile Suit Gundam series, currently on MS Gundam 00. Love having it on while working on a Gunpla kit.
  2. Have just recently got into it on iPad after a Mate (who long time Played on pc) raved on about it being great and packed. Anyone else on iOS?
  3. Staying in a little German town in South Australia, all the food and beer! OMFG! I don’t want to leave... :(

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Solxius


      you could move the town to where you live :3 that's a good solution

    3. TheGamer777


      I like how the solution isn't move to that town, but rather move the town itself...

      I respect that solution

    4. Solxius


      If you love something, you must let it go. If it loves you back, it'll move to your town.

  4. does anyone do 1x1 text rps...

    A long while back I did a lot of Star Wars PbP (Play by Post) and was heavily 1on1 especially if you RP a padawan or apprentice or master opposite one of those. Did something similar when I worked opposite shifts to my house mate back in the day and we would leave the next encounter for each other hand written for the other to come home to, was cool and pondering how they’d play it out and my plans for the story helped pass the hours of monotonous work.
  5. Even with the extra $29 for the xpac it’s still worth getting both, then with the other games in the monthly bundle on top... pretty good. Already preordered on Steam, long time had Civ can’t wait for R&F! Definitely keen for some games when that drops.
  6. Away on trip with InLaws, only books & iPad for sanity, feel the need to game, so, good iPad games? Go...!?

    1. Nyx



    2. Javenge


      Mobile Legends   ( League of leagues game )

      Clash of Clans 

      Clash Royale

      Bow Masters

    3. Solxius


      Ghost trick? This war of mine? Ace attorney? lol my ipad's old

  7. Just realised that Warhammer Fantasy Age of Sigmar is round bases now... kids will never know the skill needed to align 16 square bases with awkward models and attempt to move them across the battlefield.

  8. I have a lot of fun with Shaman for wild casual Standard i almost always run Druid Arena; Paladin first pick, Rogue second, after that don't care
  9. Agreed! I've easily played more Dungeon Run than ranked since this xpac dropped. The batch drafting is such a cool method for deck-building and totally unique (as far as im aware), i find myself trying to think up how to do something like that with MTG when i draft with mates.
  10. So Paladins is adding a PUBG/Fortnite BR style mode... this will be funny interesting

  11. My 5yr old daughter wants to learn to play Maple Story... Do i let her? :emowut:

    1. TheGamer777


      I don't know a whole lot about Maplestory, but it would seem like its not the worst game to let someone play.

    2. Kazzumma


      Not so much the game that makes me hesitate (its an awesome game) its the MMO aspect and knowing the internet is a toxic place.

  12. When you get new games for Christmas & sales, and you spend so long deciding what to play, then the baby wakes up and you play nothing.