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  1. sounds good ill add u two and if either of you wanna duo let me know
  2. dope, does that count as boosting tho?
  3. If anyone needs a duo partner im here and willing, my rank is s4 and i just wanna get out lol. If your interested just message me or reply here
  4. support illaoi huh i guess i know my next champ
  5. wasnt she originally intended to be mid? or am i just being dumb?
  6. I R E Q U I R E M E M E S

    had to put this last one in here
  7. i find that starting raptors second is fairly easy with rammus's w, same with krugs. Both are a really good way to get an early farm lead so you can focus on ganking and getting ahead of the enemy jug
  8. I R E Q U I R E M E M E S

    OMG thats brutally hilarious
  9. Its all a mind game in my opinion. If you focus on all the bad parts of your game your gonna do bad, yes sometimes you have a bad game and teammates sure don't help sometimes in solo queue, but as long as you look at the positives you can revive your game before you drop elo. My tip to solo queue: Expect nothing from your teammates in the beginning and gage your ability and your teammates based on what you see throughout the game since your probably never going to see them play again in low to mid elo
  10. should i take a pic for proof or will you all take my word i went from b4-s4 in a season
  11. @MasterWarcraft I know its a very effective way in my sense but there are some instances where you can keep going. For instance i dont count surrenders as a loss Although i found not every game is hopeless